MOBILE INSIGHTS: Facebook Makes Another Mobile-First Move

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Facebook Upgrades Its Facebook Login Platform (GigaOm)
Facebook announced significant changes to its Facebook Login function which allows users to to use Facebook profile information to log into mobile apps. The upgrade gives users the option to not share any mobile app usage information back on the social network. It’s a way for Facebook to close the developer-app user divide while also creating more opportunity for data collection and ultimately monetise mobile further. Read >

BBM For iOS And Android Is Imminent (TechCrunch)

BlackBerry recently posted user guides for its messaging service, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), on their own website. The struggling handset maker is looking for potential new revenue streams, but the mobile messaging market is already becoming overly crowded. Read >

Xiaomi Gets $US10 Billion Valuation (Tech In Asia)

Chinese smartphone maker and software developer Xiaomi received another round of funding and was valued at over $US10 billion. The upstart company is already making serious noise in the Chinese smartphone market, where it recently surpassed Apple. Read >

Teens Enjoy Mobile Privacy (Pew Internet)
A new study from Pew shows that mobile-centric teens may enjoy privacy on their devices more than initially thought. The study revealed that 51% of teens have avoided downloading an app due to privacy concerns. Read >

Apple Won’t Give In To Google Maps Just Yet (Jessica Lessin)

Jessica Lessin reports Apple’s purchase of small map app company Embark. The app provides transit information in about a half dozen U.S. cities. It could potentially be another piece Apple will use in the competition with Google to build the best mobile maps app. Read >

Could This Be The End Of The Ubuntu Edge Dream? (The Guardian)

The Ubuntu Edge, the smartphone/PC hybrid, missed its crowdfunding goal by a significant margin of $US19 million, even after several price adjustments. Parent company Canonical claims, despite the failure, the campaign has drawn the attention of wireless carriers and handset makers. Read >

Windows Phone Takes Second Place In Latin America (Microsoft)

New data from IDC shows that Windows Phone is the second most widely used platform in Latin America, with particular success in Mexico, Peru, and Colombia. Windows Phone is available in 20 Latin American countries. Read >

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