FACEBOOK: Here's How To Block Your Ex And Other Annoying People

Facebook FacebookThe video is part of a new series called ‘Just In Case Studies.’

Facebook just released a new video explaining how to block your ex on Facebook.  

The video opens with a man and woman driving silently in a car.

“If you just went through a breakup, you probably need a little space right now,” a voiceover instructs.

“So, even though it may sound extreme, you might want to block them on Facebook, just to give yourself a little extra room to breath.”

The video then explains how to navigate to their profile, click “more” and select “block.” It encourages users to be sure they click to confirm after the deed is done, and comforts, “Don’t worry, they won’t be notified that you blocked them.”

If you’ve changed your mind and realised that you can “totally work it out,” the video also explains how to unblock your ex.

FB blockingFacebookTo block someone, just go to their profile and click ‘more’ then click ‘block.’

Facebook has been making a concerted advertising push recently. They released their “Say Anything Better” television ads in October, reports Adweek, and the blocking your ex video is part of a new series called “Just In Case Studies.” 

The “studies” are all consumer-targeted short tutorials on how to navigate different features of the platform. The series was produced by Facebook’s in-house creative studio The Factory, and also includes short films on “How to Edit a Post,” “How to Share With Just Friends” and “How to Untag a Photo.”

FB blockFacebookBe sure to confirm your block.

They aren’t traditional ads, and you probably won’t see them on TV, but they’re part of a wider marketing effort focused on making the platform easier to navigate.

Restricting sharing preferences and adjusting privacy settings has always proved challenging for users. Facebook rolled out a new privacy tutorial pop-up on the top of people’s newsfeed this month, and this video series appears to be an extension of these efforts.

You can watch the rest of the videos here



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