Relive Your Awkward Early Years With A Surprisingly Good Personal Video Created From Your Facebook Account

Amid our reminiscing on Facebook’s first, keg-filled office and what the site used to look like back in the day, Facebook itself has released a gift of sorts for its users: A way to see some of your most important moments on Facebook since the day you joined the site.

Facebook Look Back puts together an automated, personalised video of your most pivotal moments, highlighting the early stuff and the posts and photos that got the most likes and comments.

It’s surprisingly good, because it resurfaces stuff that your friends liked, which you’ve probably forgotten all about. Try it here.

It’s much easier to revisit those cringe-worthy early photos when they’re paired with classical music than when you back-stalk yourself for a few hours, so why not give it a try.

Check out Facebook’s promo vid for Look Back:

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