See inside the little red book that is placed on the desk of every Facebook employee

Facebook's little red book coverBen BarryThis book started appearing after Facebook hit 1 billion users.

Facebook hit a huge milestone last month. On Monday 24th August, 1 billion people used the social network to connect with their friends and family.

Back in late 2012, Facebook hit another milestone, hitting 1 billion users in total. After that, a little red book started appearing on the desks of all its employees.

The book is full of inspirational, propaganda-style quotes about Facebook’s history and values. Until very recently, its contents — even its existence — were largely unknown to outsiders.

Now, however, former Facebook designer Ben Barry, who created it during his time with the company, has published a series of scans from the book.

Barry set up Facebook's print studio -- known as the Analogue Research Lab

Where he would 'design logos, fuss with typography, print posters, and make books'.

Ben Barry

Facebook's corporate persona is neatly packaged in the little red book. Barry's site explains:

As Facebook grew, it was hard to explain the company's mission, history, and culture to new employees.

Over the years, a lot of formative company discussions and debates have happened.

For new employees, that information was difficult to find even if you knew what you were looking for.

Facebook wanted to try to package a lot of those stories and ideas in one place.

Barry teamed got a team together, requested funding, Zuckerberg gave a little feedback, and voila!

There are a few interesting twists on some well-known quotes. No meekness at Facebook!

Here we have a variation on the unofficial US Post Office motto, originally from an ancient Greek work.

There was this one time Facebook played a little joke on TechCrunch.

The book doesn't always match what Facebook does -- it has had 3, 5 and 10 year plans in the past.

Some ideas -- like Instant Articles -- have evolved over time. (That's a young Rupert Murdoch.)

And at the end, the book issues this challenge to employees.

There's more of course, but you'll have to get a job at Facebook to read it.

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