Facebook Launches New "Facebook + Media" Page To Turn Journalism Into "Social News"

Facebook HQ

Photo: Glassdoor.com

Facebook has launched a new page called “Facebook + Media,” focused on helping media companies increase traffic and user input on their sites, WebNewser reports.At a San Francisco Hacks and Hackers meetup last night, Justin Osofsky, who leads Facebook’s media and content partnership, explained the new launch like this:

 We’re excited to begin a dialogue with media companies on how we best can deliver value. Media companies are great at creating content and delivering it to the right people at the right time. We think Facebook can add a social dimension, to show users the content that friends most care about and most recommend.

The creation of the new page comes in tandem with an internal Facebook study released yesterday that looked at how 100 top media sites use Facebook tools on their sites.

According to the study, “organisations see a 3-5x increase in click through rates when they also use functionality to embed thumbnail photographs of a user’s Facebook friends who have already seen the item and clicked Like, or that allow users who click Like to also enter a comment about the item.”

Read the rest of Facebook’s findings here.

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