Facebook has launched its first Internet.org TV ads

Internet.org TV adsVimeo/FacebookOne of the ads tells Neesha’s story, a girl who has grown up with a family of magicians, but no internet.

Facebook has launched its first TV ads to promote its non-profit Internet.org initiative, which aims to offer affordable or free internet access within developing countries that are currently not online.

The Internet.org ad campaign, which also extends to outdoor and Facebook ads, launched in Australia and Canada this week, according to AdNews.

The ads aim to show how the internet would have helped people in developing countries who have already achieved amazing feats despite not being connected.

A Facebook spokesperson to AdNews: “The regional campaign shows that the more we connect, the better the world becomes.”

Two spots are currently airing on TV, with two additional ads set to roll out in the coming weeks.

They were created by Facebook’s in-house creative agency, The Factory.

A Facebook spokeswoman told Business Insider there are no plans currently to extend this campaign beyond Canada and Australia.

Here’s one of the TV ads, about two 11-year-old engineers who built a robot arm.

Erika & Esmeralda from Facebook on Vimeo.

This ad tells the story of Mehtar and Mostek who created a windmill, without the help of the internet.

Mehtar & Mostek from Facebook on Vimeo.

This spot focuses on Neesha, who has grown up with a family of magicians, but has no internet to share their amazing tricks.

Neesha from Facebook on Vimeo.

And, finally, this ad shows Lian, a record-store owner who sells hundreds of hard-to-find vinyl — but has no internet to share his wares.

Lian from Facebook on Vimeo.

Facebook has been on somewhat of an advertising surge in recent weeks. Earlier this month Facebook launched its first ever UK TV ads.

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