The ads on Facebook are about to take over your phone screen

Facebook is officially launching the fast-loading, immersive mobile ad experience called Canvas that it previewed last fall.

With Canvas, advertisers can create multimedia ads that will will open up to a full-screen experience when Facebook users click on them. The company uses the same tech that it uses for its Instant Articles, meaning they load about 10 times faster than an advertiser’s mobile site. 

A brand representative from the fast-food restaurant Wendy’s told press on Thursday that he was amazed at how much “fell in love with an ad unit.” People viewed its Canvas ad tests — which showed the breakdown of a burger — for 65 seconds.  He also said that ~3% of users clicked through to find a Wendy’s location near them. 

Here’s how one of the ads looks:


Advertisers can start making these ads, which can integrate images, video, or slideshows, today. They will be priced similarly to current ads — brands can choose to pay based on clicks, conversion, reach, or frequency.

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