Facebook Just Launched An Effort To Solve One Of Its Biggest Problems With Advertisers

eversonFacebook VP of ad sales Carolyn Everson

We hear it from people in the digital ad buying business all the time. We even hear it from Facebook employees.One of the reasons Madison Avenue brand advertising agencies don’t spend more money on Facebook advertising is that Facebook has, some say arrogantly, attempted to create a whole new way of doing things. 

The Facebook ad-buying process is not standard. The company uses different jargon and different metrics than traditional online ad sellers.

This creates friction.

The friction is showing: Facebook ad revenue growth has been decelerating for the last several quarters. We’ve gotten to the point where Facebook’s business is only growing marginally faster than Google’s, a much older company in the online ad space. Facebook stock has taken a beating since it’s IPO because of this.

Today, Facebook rolled out a new “social learning and recognition program” in an attempt to reduce this friction. 

It’s called Facebook Studio Edge.

A Facebook rep described it to us in an email:

Facebook Studio Edge is modular and intuitive, with self-guided courses focused on topics within apps, Pages and ads. Each course is interactive and takes around 10-15 minutes to complete. Individuals earn recognition badges as they progress through the modules and can display their Facebook Studio Edge badges alongside their case study submissions they have been credited with on the site, since the program is built in conjunction with Facebook Studio

Here is a video about it:

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