Facebook Is Testing Features More Extensively Before Release

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Facebook Outgrows Its Hacker Mentality (Wired)
Management at Facebook has decided to keep new products in development and testing for longer period of time, in order to ease change onto users. In other words, Facebook’s “move fast and break things” culture is maturing into one that is more calculated and controlled. Read >

35% Of Friends See Your Facebook Posts
(BI Intellgence)
Each user post on Facebook is seen by an average 35% of the user’s friends, according to a comprehensive recent study led by Stanford University researcher
Michael Bernstein, who collaborated with three Facebook data scientists.
Read >
How Social Media Has Transformed College Athletics Recruiting (Bleacher Report)
Top-ranked college recruits have been taking to Twitter and other social media platforms to build their popularity among fan bases. College administrators can observe how a recruit interacts with fans and whether he/she can act maturely under the spotlight. Read >

Google’s New GMail Design Will Drive Ad Dollars To Facebook (UBM via Business Insider)
Google recently redesigned its mail client to “promotional” emails get filtered into a separate folder than the main inbox folder. As such, it could reduce the effectiveness of email marketing, and those ad dollars might be better spent targeting users on social media. Read >

Social Ad Startup Hires Former Facebook VP (TechCrunch)
SHIFT, a leading preferred marketing developer firm that works closely with Facebook, has hired Paul Ollinger as president. Formerly, Ollinger was vice president of sales for Facebook’s west region. Read >

Photos, Texts, And Emails Reveal That One Of Snapchat’s Co-Founders Was Ousted (Business Insider)
The backstory behind the creation of one of the fastest growing mobile apps is anything but straightforward. Business Insider’s Senior Editor, Jim Edwards, takes a look at how one of the co-founders was allegedly ousted from the very company he helped create. Read >

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