Facebook Is Putting The Focus Back On Direct Response And FBX-Powered Ads

Facebook has focused a lot of its paid ad products on branding — ads that tout a business and build positive feelings about the brand. Search, meanwhile, has always been the primary digital format for direct response ads — ads designed to get customers to take an immediate action based on what they have already shown interest in.

But now Facebook is going after the search space pretty aggressively, with a new presentation for ad partners emphasising Facebook’s strong role as a direct response ad format.

That means Facebook Exchange (FBX) is about to get a lot more attention. It’s Facebook’s proprietary real-time bidding exchange and it marries Facebook user data with data from third-party platforms that track user web browsing behaviour. FBX then uses these two parameters to serve hypertargeted ads in the desktop News Feed and right-rail.

Recently, BI Intelligence took an in-depth look at FBX to understand how the Exchange works, which players are partners, and how the ads it serves perform. We also put FBX in context in terms of its size and performance.

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The real-time aspect of FBX is crucial. It’s impossible to target a user who is interested in living room furniture with personalised ads when they open their Facebook page unless he or she can be identified and served a relevant ad in milliseconds.

Here are some of the key details from our report on FBX:

In full, the report:

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