Facebook Is Going On A Hiring Spree

facebook menlo office cafeteriaFacebook’s cafeteria is going to get more crowded.

Photo: Facebook

Facebook is going to IPO at a valuation close to $100 billion this Spring.Meanwhile, it’s advertising revenues are decelerating.

The company has a lot of work to do!

Especially in sales.

So it’s hiring up, big time.

Google is too.

Capstone Investments analyst Rory Maher plowed through data on 2,000 Google and Facebook job listings.

Here’s a summary of the trends he came up with:

  • Google is hiring up right now. Q1 listings were up 11% from Q4.
  • Facebook is hiring even more aggressively. Job postings are up 68% quarter-over-quarter.
  • Google is hiring product people. 32% of postings were for product positions. 19% for sales.
  • Facebook is hiring sales people. 28% of postings were for sales, 16% were for product.
  • Facebook is hiring sales people in Europe, specifically.
  • Google isn’t hiring for “emerging” businesses like YouTube, Google TV, Android, and Google+ as much as it was last quarter.
  • Google is, however, hiring up its “Google fibre” team. It’s looking for product people and marketers.
  • Neither Facebook or Google have a lot of openings in China, but there are some.
  • Facebook is hiring a lot in Latin America, though. Google is some, but not as much.

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