Shoppers Referred By Facebook Are Spending Increasingly Large Amounts On E-Commerce Sites

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On the busy Cyber Monday shopping day,
the average order valueof a
Facebook-referred customer was $US98.20, compared to $US93.51 for those referred by
Pinterest. Keep in mind, these figures only include purchases that were made prior to 9 p.m. EST on Cyber Monday, and many consumers likely shopped later in the evening for last-minute deals.

What’s more, IBM found that Facebook referrals converted at a 10% higher rate than Pinterest.

IBM said it will update the figures today at 9 a.m.

If you’re looking for additional coverage of how this year’s holiday shopping season stacks up against last year’s, check out Custora’s E-commerce Pulse dashboard, which the company says it is updating in real-time.

In Other News …

Apple acquired social media analytics firm Topsy for $US200 million. It’s unknown what will come of Topsy now, but one theory is that Apple could apply Topsy’s technology to iTunes Radio to recommend artists or songs that are trending on Twitter. Remember, the most followed profiles on Twitter are musicians, so Apple could use that intelligence to make iTunes Radio more competitive with Spotify and other cloud music services. (Wall Street Journal)

Facebook made another change to its News Feed algorithm so that higher quality content will surface in a more prominent position in a user’s content stream. (Facebook Blog)

Tumblr is rolling out a new native ad product called sponsored trending blogs. As the name implies, brands will be able to pay to showcase their blogs among the top trending search results on the platform. The new ad product will reportedly be launched in January 2014. (The Verge)

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Google will be converting those “mysterious” barges docked outside major cities into retail stores. (San Francisco Chronicle)

For its annual Year In Review of what was trendy in 2013, Yahoo included the most popular blogs and content from Tumblr. (Yahoo News)

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