Facebook Investor Peter Thiel's Hedge Fund Misses April Rally (Leaked Docs)

Update: A reader sent us a more up-to-date version of the slide.

Earlier:Valleywag landed a slide from hedge fund Clarium LP’s marketing deck. It’s interesting to us because Clarium is Facebook investor Peter Thiel’s fund. Also, hedge funds aren’t allowed to market themselves publicly so this is a rare look.

Quick take-aways:

  • Thiel was down about 2% on the year, as of the end of March.
  • Stocks rallied hard in March. Clarium missed this rally.
  • Hedge funds in general were up +3.2% for April. Clarium missed that rally.
  • The fund lost $2.2 billion in assets between April 2008 and April 2009.
  • A marketing rep at another hedge fund tells us the fund looks more volatile than most, but that the funds historical track record remains impressive.

We talked to Clusterstock’s John Carney and he told us:

Clarium came back a bit in April, rising +1.7% for the month. Which means it is now down just -0.3% year-to-date.  But that still means the fund is underperforming. The broader markets were up much more than that. Hedge fund performance overall was up 3.2%

Click to expand the slide:



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