Facebook Investor Hopes For IPO In 12 To 24 Months (CLIP)

Even while it looks for more funding at a generous valuation, Facebook says it is going to be cash-flow positive before the end of the year. Is the startup finally eying an initial public offering?

About two and a half minutes into the AllthingsD clip below, early Facebook investor and legendary angel investor Ron Conway says he hopes so, and that the IPO is in the next 12 to 24 months.

Here’s what else Ron says, and when he said it:

0:32: Innovation in Silicon Valley is alive and very well.
0:49: The next big thing is Twitter-like “persistent data,” which is  “real-time data as its happening.” It’ll be a multi-billion economy.
1:52: This recession is very different than 2001.
2:28: Think the IPO market will come back in 12 to 24 months — hopefully Facebook’s is one of them.



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