Facebook takes on streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat with its new 'live video' feature

A few months after launching a video streaming feature for celebrities, Facebook is now starting to let regular users to broadcast footage of themselves live to their friends.

The new feature essentially mirrors the experience offered by Twitter-owned Periscope and the startup Meerkat: Facebook users can write a little description and then launch a broadcast where they can read comments from viewers and see how many people are watching at once.

Facebook also makes it easy for users to save their videos to their timelines.

Users can access the feature from the main Facebook app, by tapping on the status update button and selecting a special icon.

Live videos align with Facebook’s efforts to makes its content more time sensitive. Instead of just browsing Facebook when they’re bored, users have more incentive to check their feeds at specific times if a friend is doing a live video. Earlier this year, Facebook released remotely-accessible “Place Tips” to let users check out live, curated content form events.

Facebook is also launching a new “collage” feature that lets users create albums of photos and videos with less effort. It will automatically suggest content from your camera role based on when and where you took them:

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