Facebook Cracks Down On People Illegally Selling Guns

Facebook just released a set of new measures to help stop the illegal sale of firearms on Facebook and Instagram.

Earlier this year, activist groups launched an online campaign to convince Facebook to do more to stop people from using Instagram and Facebook to buy and sell weapons, citing several cases, including one where a 15 year-old-boy was able to buy a gun through Facebook.

Facebook is now introducing several new methods to prevent the illegal sale of weapons, including forcing the owners of brand Pages that promote the private sale of regulated goods (like weapons) to include a statement reminding people to comply with laws. Private sellers of firearms won’t be allowed to specify “no background check” or to offer to sell guns across state lines without a liscensed arms dealer. People under 18 also won’t be able to view certain pages and Facebook will send info to people who search for sales or promotions of firearms on Instagram (we guess that this info will include warnings to comply with state gun laws).

Here’s the whole announcement:

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