Facebook is going to make everything you post publicly easily searchable

Facebook is unleashing a new function today that will make everything you post publicly to the site searchable.

Called Search FYI, the function will organise search results hierarchically. This way, users can see what news sources, friends and family, and people in the area are saying about a given topic.

For example, if you type in “water on Mars” into search right now, it will organise related posts starting with news sources and working down to what strangers are saying.

The search begins with top posts, which are news sources organised by their popularity.

It will then show popular posts by friends and family.

Lastly, you’ll be able to see public posts. If you search something broad, like MLB playoffs, Facebook will show what specifically people are saying about that topic.

“With one tap, you can find public posts about a link, see popular quotes and phrases mentioned in these posts, and check out an aggregate overview of sentiment,” Facebook writes about the public posts feature.

Users can still decide whether their posts can be viewed by the public. There are a total of 2 trillion Facebook posts with 1.5 billion searches everyday.

The function will roll out over the next few days and will be available on Android, iOS, and Facebook’s website.

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