Big Beautiful Photos Of Facebook Home For Android

facebook home chat heads

Facebook just announced its latest mobile product, Facebook Home.

Don’t think of it as a smartphone operating system. Instead, a replacement for your regular Android home screen.

Facebook Home launches April 12 on five Android smartphones plus a new phone from HTC called the First.

Want to see how Facebook Home works? Take our tour in the gallery below.

Facebook wants the Cover Feed to show more than just the clock. Cover feed lets you automatically slide from story to story directly from your Facebook friends.

All of this is done without unlocking your phone. There is no logo and no navigation bar, just content.

Another feature that's easy to access are notifications. These notices make sure you don't miss critical things like your Facebook messages or SMS.

If you want to pull out a full comment thread, just swipe up.

Facebook Home features a ton of gestures that make it easy to navigate the interface.

And a full list of all your apps is just a swipe away.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of Facebook Home is how messaging works. See that little bubble in the top right corner? That's a new message notification.

Tapping the Chat Head doesn't take you away from what you were doing; it simply pops out.

It allows you to quickly respond, and dismiss it with a quick swipe upwards.

Then you can seamlessly get back to what you were doing.

The Chat Head is always there, making it easy to plan outings with friends.

The more conversations you have going on, the more Chat Heads you'll see. The feature is supports Facebook Messages, SMS, and even group messages.

Here's another view of a Chat Head conversation.

Here's what it looks like when you get a group message.

If you like, you can slide the Chat Head to any part of the screen.

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