LIVE: Facebook Reveals Its 'Home On Android'

Facebook Campus

We’re live at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif. to cover the launch of what the social network is calling its “new home on Android.”

This is going to be a big deal. The event is being held in a different building than previous launches, and we’re hearing there will be far more press attending this one.

The interest appears to stem from the idea that we’re going to see gadget, not just new software features. There’s been a lot of speculation about what a “home on Android” means. Given how CEO Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly said that Facebook is not building its own smartphone, preferring to get its software installed on as many devices as possible, we’re not expecting a “Facebook phone.”

But Facebook has previously partnered with manufacturers like HTC to develop phones with Facebook features, and it’s reportedly doing that with a model called the HTC First which will feature this new “Home.” One way to think of Facebook’s Home, from the leaks and rumours we’ve seen, is as an app that takes over some interface features of a phone running Google’s Android operating system, allowing people to see updates from their friends and post to Facebook easily from the phone’s home screen.

We’ll be covering it live from the scene.¬†Come back here for updates and photos¬†from the event.

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