The New Facebook Ad Says It's Totally Acceptable To Use Your Phone At The Dinner Table

Facebook Home Dinner Ad

“Dinner” is the latest in a slew of ads for Home, Facebook’s new mobile platform.

Similar to previous spots, the commercial encourages never-ending use of social media, disengagement with real life, and devotion to our mobile phones.

The Wieden + Kennedy-made ad takes place at a family dinner. A middle-aged cat-obsessed woman, playing the role of ‘crazy aunt,’ is ranting about her boring adventures at the grocery store. The rest of the family politely acts interested.

All except for one, that is. The hip, mobile-connected young woman sitting next to her boring aunt manages to escape via Facebook Home. Showing a complete, indiscreet lack of interest in her family, she scrolls through her phone while pictures of her friends playing music, dancing, and throwing snowballs come to life in the dining room.

The commercial suggest that Facebook Home will eliminate mobile phone etiquette altogether. Granted, the ads are exaggerated, but they have all featured users who are so absorbed in their phones that real life events, even important moments, plays second fiddle to Facebook fixation.

Here is “Dinner”:

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