Facebook Holds Secret Banker/Analyst Meeting To Kick Off IPO

Facebook is hosting a meeting with bankers, analysts, and lawyers today, Kayla Tausche at CNBC reports.

This is usually a “kick-off meeting” to get the IPO started. Bankers can ask questions so they can go sell the Facebook IPO to investors. Tausche called it, “run of the mill.”

However, one thing that’s not “run of the mill” is having bankers and analysts at the same meeting. After the first dot-com bust, banks were forced to build firewalls to prevent the banking team from influencing the research team.

Facebook wanted to save time by having both bankers and analysts come to a town hall meeting where they could gab with the C-level executives of Facebook.

If bankers want to talk to the research people, they have to do it through lawyers says Tausche.

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