Facebook Has Some Really Obvious Advice For Advertisers—Here's Today's Ad Brief


Facebook has analysed 23 different brand pages, some work and others don’t, and has doled out some pretty rudimentary advice to advertisers: “When pages post about topics related to brands, they increase engagement.” So talk about what your brand does or why it’s the bee’s knees instead of just posting something like, aren’t Monday’s the worst? It also works to ask people a question in a post or to “Like” something if…Hewlett-Packard has selected BBDO to handle its $120 million global media. The shop already handles ads for HP printers and corporate image efforts.

Mark Zuckerberg is stealing agency creatives! Arturo Aranda has been a creative at BBDO for 12 years but is now heading to Facebook.

Xbox is the most popular non-computer device that people use to watch streaming video. It beats out the iPad 28.2 per cent to 27.1 per cent and is significantly more relevant than Apple TV, Google TV and Roku. And Xbox even has an ad platform.

Mountain Dew has partnered with “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Ross Levinsohn , Yahoo’s interim CEO, has experience at HBO and CBS and might just be what Madison Avenue needed, especially since he’s kind of an ad guy.

Peter Mayer Advertising Inc. has hired five new employees.

CMI, a marketing research firm in Atlanta, promoted Laura Winn from qualitative manager to VP of client solutions.

Best Buy’s CEO, Brian Dunn, is out.

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