Facebook Has Shut Down The Australian Defence League’s Racist Page On Complaints From #illridewithyou Supporters

AustralianDefenceLeague.ADL was removed.

This week, the Australian Defence League, an ultra-right-wing Australian group known for its racist and anti-Islamic hate speech, has had it’s account taken down by Facebook.

Following the Sydney siege this week, which resulted in the death of two hostages, Australians have banded together under the #illridewithyou movement, supporting the Australian Muslim community and rejecting anti-Islamic behaviour.

But when the ADL became aware of the Islamic connection with the hostage-taker in the siege it took to Facebook with its disgust.

The #illridewithyou followers were there to denounce the racist rants, successfully getting the group’s page removed by Facebook.

Alex (@xx_Alexandra) December 18, 2014

Despite the efforts, the group appears to have duplicate pages.

This is one of their most recent, and less racially derogatory, posts.

Established in 2009 as a splinter of the English Defence League, a violent British street movement, ADL has been involved in numerous run-ins with the police and ASIO for their pursuit to have Islam banned in Australia.

In October The Australian reported the group sent a letter which included death threats to the ­nation’s leading Islamic cleric.