Facebook has just made it easier for you to find your friends

Facebook has launched a new feature in Australia today that will make it easier for you to find your friends when you’re out and about.

The “Nearby Friends” feature, available on your mobile, shows users what neighbourhood or city your friends are in, and will notify you when friends are nearby.

While the feature can be turned on and off, it means your friends have to have the app switched on for you to discover them and vice versa.

The system uses GPS and triangulation between mobile phone towers to obtain your location (the combination reduces the drain on your battery that would occur using GPS tracking alone). It then produces a map with all your friend’s locations.

As well as sharing a precise location with particular friends, users can set their location using a timer that switches off “Nearby Friends” after a certain time. As well as being a handy function to show friends which city you’ll be in if you’re travelling, it also prevents people from stalking you.

You can read more about the product from our coverage of when it was first launched in the US.

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