Facebook has its first video star -- and he just got signed to a big Hollywood talent agency

Matt Bellassai, a BuzzFeed employee who has made a name for himself as a Facebook video star, just got signed to CAA, a big Hollywood talent agency.

Variety broke the news Tuesday, which Bellassai then confirmed on Twitter

Bellassai is perhaps best known for his BuzzFeed video series, which is published on Facebook and YouTube.

It’s called “Whine About It,” and it consists of Bellassai getting drunk in BuzzFeed’s offices (or in other locations — recently, he filmed one instalment in Los Angeles) and talking about everything from the worst kinds of people on aeroplanes to why Christmas as an adult isn’t fun.

Bellassai, who has 1.5 million Facebook fans and whose videos get 3.5 million weekly views mostly on Facebook, will be working with CAA on projects that could include a podcast, TV shows, a live comedy tour, and even a book of essays.

He will be ending his BuzzFeed series to focus on his new solo projects. BuzzFeed will retain control of his Facebook page after the last episode of “Whine About It” airs this week. Bellassai, 25, has worked for BuzzFeed for the past three years as a producer and writer.

At the 2016 People’s Choice Awards, Bellassai was voted “favourite social-media star.”

“I’m an Internet comedian,” Bellassai told Variety. “I’d describe what I do as getting drunk on the Internet.”

As for his signature drunk videos, Bellassai says on Twitter that they won’t be stopping any time soon. “But I will still be making drunk videos for the Internet because that is now my specialty SO DON’T WORRY NEW VIDEOS ARE COMING VERY SOON,” he tweeted Tuesday to his 225,000 followers.

Here’s one of Bellassai’s videos, entitled “Reasons New Year’s Resolutions Are The Worst”:

PostbyMatt Bellassai.

Read Variety’s full report here.

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