Facebook Will Let Employees Switch Jobs For One Month To Avoid Burnout

Facebook Employees

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Every company goes through growing pains, and Facebook looks like it’s getting its first round now: employees are complaining about new layers of middle management and are cashing out their pre-IPO stock options and moving on to new ventures, or just taking a break.So in a bid to keep engineers engaged, Facebook has created a new internal program called Hackamonth.

It’s similar to Google’s fabled 20% time, but broader and more ambitious. Any Facebook engineer who has spent more than a year on a particular team can sign up for a new project on a completely different team for one month. At the end of the month, the engineer can decide to stay with the new team or go back to his old job.

The company sponsored three pilot Hackamonths over the last year, and some of them grew into successful products like the Facebook mobile Web site and Deals program, which launched last month.

Starting in May, it’s going to become a formal monthly program. Facebook hopes to have about 10% of its employees working on Hackamonth projects at any given time.

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