Facebook’s New “Happening Now” Feature Looks A Lot Like Twitter

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Facebook just began testing a brand new feature which would let users see what’s “happening now” in a sidebar to the right of their news feeds.

It’s filled with links friends have posted that other friends like.

It ends up looking a lot like a Twitter feed with a bunch of re-tweets in it.

A re-tweet effectively does the same thing as “liking” someone else’s link, shared on Facebook: share a link you like with others.

It’s another on a long list of Facebook features “inspired” by Twitter.

Of course, you’ve always been able to view links friends have liked on Facebook, but it’s mixed in with tons of other stuff in your news feed.

Here’s a full screenshot, and see below for a side by side comparison of how your friends or followers are informed when you “like” or “re-tweet” a link.

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[credit provider=”Illustration: Ellis Hamburger”]

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