Facebook Group Syrian Revolution Call For Nationwide Strike

The Facebook group Syrian Revolution 2011 is calling for a May 18 nationwide strike following the discovery near Syria’s second largest city of a mass grave of civilians killed by government soldiers ruthlessly suppressing a popular uprising again President Bashar Assad. The Assad family has ruled Syria for 40 years.

Two videos posted on YouTube on May 16 show corpses being dug up from a pit near the besieged city of Deraa. The stench of decaying bodies and the sight of a human hand sticking out of the earth reportedly led to the discovery of some 20 bodies in shallow grave.

According to activist Ammar Qurabi, four mass grave sites have been found in and around Deraa in the last few days.

Near the villages of Inkhil and Jassem, “we discovered 34 bodies, mostly male, scattered in the fields. Most were killed by a bullet or shrapnel during the military raid about five days ago,” said Qurabi, head of the National organisation for Human Rights in Syria.

Over half a dozen bodies were subsequently found at a different location, he said.



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