Facebook Goes More Mobile

Just when you thought you’d kicked the Facebook habit on your computer, you realise that you can’t escape status updates and profile changes that everyone hates.  That’s right – Facebook is now going to be installed on your phone.

And Facebook is developing it.

Four phones are poised to make Facebook a part of their platform, helping users sign into a variety of applications with their Facebook information – all from the home page.  Facebook will no longer be an additional app; it will be a part of the basic programs in place.

Four phones are said to be integrating Facebook:

  • INQ Cloud Touch
  • INQ Cloud Q
  • HTC ChaCha
  • HTC Salsa

What this means to Facebook addicts is unclear, but what is reasonable to say is that Facebook is something that people just can’t get enough of.  They need to have it in their phones, their computers, their email, etc.

With these deeper integrations, Facebook will become even more widespread in society and people who tried to stay away from it before might need to sign up since that’s where everyone ‘is’ when they’re on their phone.  Does this mean more Farmville?  Only time will tell.

Facebook is willing to do what it takes to be everywhere you are, it seems.  Even people without a data plan on their phone can go to a text only version of the Facebook site and check in on their friends.

Every other computer can run Facebook, so why not your phone too?  You don’t really use your phone as a phone anymore, do you?

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