Facebook Gets An Earful Of Complaints From 40 Ad Agencies

carolyn everson facebookCarolyn Everson of Facebook.

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Facebook has gone out of its way to reach out to ad agencies and their clients since Carolyn Everson came on board as vice president of global marketing solutions in March 2011. Apparently, it hasn’t been enough.About 40 agencies attended a conference with Facebook execs last week in which they aired their complaints about what it’s like dealing with the social network, according to Adweek. Among them:

“The Facebook policy is actually longer than the U.S. Constitution–no joke,” said Ivan Perez-Armendariz, an interactive director at Crispin Porter+Bogusky. “Facebook has a move-fast-and-break-things culture. So you might have a green light on a concept only to find out later on that the policy has changed…We’ve had instances where a major investment has been made, and then it gets shelved.”

Facebook’s Blake Chandlee, VP of global agencies and clients, admitted the company has communicated badly with advertisers in the past:

“That’s something historically that we haven’t done that well,” he said. “[We want to] more effectively do that because it’s a big community. There are hundreds of thousands of employees who get affected by this stuff around the world.”

“Sometimes you read policies and think, ‘Why would they do that? Why are they trying to reduce the creative canvas that I have?'”

Everson and her team have rolled out a ton of new features and resources for agencies in the last year or so, including Facebook Studio, Facebook Studio Live, Facebook Studio Edge, Facebook Studio Awards and “Shipyard,” for client-agency product development brainstorming sessions.

Disclosure: The author owns 30 shares of Facebook stock.


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