Facebook Is Making A Bet That It Can Help You Find Better Games To Play On Your Smartphone

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

No longer content with simply serving as a promotion and distribution platform for companies like Zynga, Facebook has decided to become directly involved in the games industry by becoming a publisher itself.

The idea is that with its direct access to gamers and their interests, Facebook will be able to help smaller developers who wouldn’t be noticed in the massive app stores run by Apple and Google.

Instead, app developers can use Facebook to promote their games for free, but share revenue with Facebook. The advantage is game developers will be able to target specific demographics that they wouldn’t be able to through Google or Apple’s app stores.

While this seems like a move that would turn off many users, Facebook thinks that by only showing such ads to users who play similar games on the site, they will be seen as useful by providing more fun content.

Facebook hasĀ put up a page on its developer site for those intrigued by the idea of being published by a social networking giant.

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