The "Facebook Mafia" Is On The Rise In Silicon Valley

matt cohlerMatt Cohler is part of the new Facebook mafia.

Ex-Facebook employees are building a whole new generation of social media tools — complete with fantastic valuations and acquisitions.Today’s $1 billion buyout of Instagram is just the beginning.

The Silicon Valley startup scene is like its own social network. Ex PayPal execs became known as as the “PayPal mafia” after they sold the company to eBay and proceeded to help each other fund or launch the next generation of hot Silicon Valley companies, such as Yelp, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook. (Peter Thiel of Founders Fund, was PayPal’s co-founder and one of the first investors in Facebook.)

Now the Facebook mafia is on the rise, with these folks as its godfathers. Some of these guys are involved with multiple other startups with other ex-Facebookers.

  • Matt Cohler, one of the backers of Instagram, is a general partner at Benchmark Capital. He was one of the first five Facebook employees and left in 2008.¬† (He’s also an alum of LinkedIn). He’s backed: 1stdibs, Asana, Baixing, CouchSurfing, Domo, Dropbox, Edmodo, Quora, Peixe Urbano, ResearchGate, and Zendesk.
  • Sean Parker is a venture partner at the Founders’ Fund, a founding partner at Airtime, which is building a video chat service, and an investor in many other companies of the moment, such as Spotify and NationBuilder.
  • Dustin Moskovitz, a co-founder of Facebook who stands to make more than $6 billion in the Facebook IPO, and Justin Rosenstein, an alum of both Facebook and Google, cofounded Asana, which was partly funded by Matt Cohler.
  • Adam D’Angelo, ex-CTO of Facebook and Charlie Cheever, the Facebook engineer responsible for Facebook Connect, founded Q&A service Quora, which was partly funded by Cohler. D’Angelo is also on the board of Asana.
  • Kevin Colleran, Facebook’s first ad sales guy, joined General Catalyst earlier this month. He’s been an Angel investor in Basis,, NationBuilder and Kaboom.
  • Doug Hirsch, co-founded the DailyStrength (Acquired by HSW International for $3.13 million in 2008) and now GoodRx, co-founded with ex-Facebooker¬†Scott Marlette.

Former Facebookers have also launched these startups, according to Quora

  • Path ( – Dave Morin
  • Cloudera ( – Jeff Hammerbacher
  • Storm8 ( – Perry Tam,
  • Chak LiViv ( – Arul Velan
  • TrialPay ( – Eddie Lim
  • i2we ( – Karel Baloun
  • MemSQL ( – Eric Frenkiel

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