Facebook Flashmob Trashes British Politician’s Mansion

Simon and Briony Kirby

A party held at the £2.5 million home of a Conservative MP had to be dispersed after 100 gatecrashers smashed down the door, broke a window and verbally abused neighbours.

Briony Kirby, 19 and the daughter of Tory MP Simon Kirby, had organised a small gathering but it got out of control when word reportedly spread on Facebook, the Telegraph reports.

One neighbour reported that they were repeatedly sworn at by gatecrashers when they attempted to come outside to see what was happening.

Beer cans were also thrown across the garden. Briony called police when the matter got out of hand, her father said.

The teenager had planned to hold a small gathering of friends but word of it reportedly spread through Facebook and the home of the Brighton Kempton MP in southern England was targeted.

In a statement, carried on the Daily Mail website, the MP said: “I am personally upset that what was meant to be a small gathering of friends was gatecrashed by others.

I am sorry for any inconvenience that may have been caused to my neighbours.”

The Daily Express carries quotes from Briony’s mother Elizabeth Kirby in which she says she was surprised to see what had happened:

“We have no idea whether it was done deliberately or who did it. But we do have CCTV. We were surprised when we came home and found out what happened. 

These days you have Facebook and mobile phones. You’re just stumped.”

It’s not the first time a party has been subject to gatecrashing after word spread on Facebook.

In June, a 16-year-old girl’s party was ruined when she accidentally invited all of Facebook to her house in a suburb of Hamburg.

The incident led to calls from some politicians in Germany for the practice of promoting parties on Facebook to be banned.

This post originally appeared in The Journal.