FIRED: The Tale Of Facebook's Ex-Yoga Instructor

Facebook Yoga Instructor

Photo: Elephant Journal

A yoga instructor who taught at Facebook’s gym got fired for merely discouraging an employee from checking Facebook during class, she says in a tell-all blog post about the incident.Alice Van Ness was teaching her weekly class at Facebook’s Menlo Park, Calif. headquarters when she noticed an employee typing on her phone. She asked all students to turn off their cell phones and the employee politely complied, putting her phone down next to her mat.

But when Van Ness was demonstrating a pose, she saw that the employee couldn’t resist her phone. She had it on again, presumably checking Facebook and other messages.

Van Ness gave her a annoyed look that said, “Really?” So the employee stepped out of the class. Van Ness found out later that she had gone to complain to management, she says.  Two weeks later Van Ness was fired by the contracting firm that staffed the class for Facebook.

To be fair to Facebook, Van Ness also admits that she’d been specifically instructed to say yes to whatever came up during class—including people checking their phones.

Clearly at Facebook, nothing is more important than checking Facebook.

UPDATE: Facebook gave us this statement “Alice Van Ness was not an employee of Facebook. It is against our policy to comment on the management decisions made by our third party vendors.”

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