Facebook Fatigue: Over! March Traffic Back On Track - Just Like Last Year

Way, way back in late February, the meme of the week concerned Facebook’s growth rate, and whether it was slowing: The nugget inspiring the chatter: A decline in the site’s traffic, per comScore, from December to January.

At the time, we noted that a mid-winter drop in Facebook’s traffic wasn’t shocking, but deja vu:

A year ago, Facebook also saw a December – January drop — and then a January – February drop. But by March, Facebook’s uniques had surpassed their old levels, and kept climbing throughout the year (except for August to September, when it also dropped).

We won’t pretend to know why uniques would drop mid-winter (winter break doesn’t go on for two months, does it)? But based on the seasonal pattern in these months last year, Facebook doesn’t yet have anything to worry about.

Today we have March’s comScore numbers for Facebook, and…. voila! They did indeed rebound in March, and have surpassed their December traffic totals yet again: comScore records 35.5 million uniques, up about 2.7% from its December total of 34.7 million. Those are U.S. numbers; as we’ve previously noted Facebook’s international growth is moving at a super-charged rate.

We’re still baffled about Facebook’s seasonal affective disorder. But as long it remains seasonal (look out for a summer lull, too), there’s not much need to worry.

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