Facebook Exec Fears Too Much Technology Will Ruin Our Lives


Some Silicon Valley executives are realising the social harms of being too plugged in.

A Facebook executive, Stuart Crabb, says that while Facebook’s goal is to keep people online, it’s good to disconnect from devices.

“If you put a frog in cold water and slowly turn up the heat, it’ll boil to death — it’s a nice analogy,” he tells the New York Times. “[People] need to notice the effect that time online has on your performance and relationships.”

Other Silicon Valley execs say blaming technology companies for Internet addiction is like saying McDonald’s causes obesity.

“They’d say: ‘Do we have any responsibility for the fact people are getting fat?’ Most people would say ‘no,’ ” Zynga’s cofounder Eric Schiermeyer says.

(Actually, most people would probably say “yes.”)

Here’s the full debate over at New York Times >

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