Facebook Engineers Annoyed As The Place Gets Flooded With Sales And Marketing Types

These guys in suits are not Facebook employees

Facebook – no longer a startup, not yet a big company – is approaching its awkward years: when, slowly, the MBA types start flooding in and irritating the engineers who feel that they built the place.A source familiar fills us in:

People seem to really like the new campus, but are worried that it’ll change the culture. There seems to be a lot of MBA types being hired and the engineers are a little annoyed by it.

A quick look at LinkedIn statistics about Facebook employees confirms that the social network does employ a relatively large group of employees in the sales and marketing groups – a full 25% of headcount. At Google, the world’s biggest ad seller, the number is just 13%. At Apple, it’s 11%. At Twitter, 19%.

Here’s the good news: Facebook employees who don’t like the culture can up and leave. More than a 1,000 of them are about to be millionaires, anyway.