FACEBOOK EMPLOYEES CELEBRATE: This Is What Brand New Millionaires And Billionaires Look Like

Facebook Celebration

Photo: Facebook

Maybe you’ve heard, but Facebook went public today at an astounding $104 billion valuation.Incredible!

Naturally, Facebook employees and former employees are pretty ecstatic.

Some of them spent all last night celebrating at Facebook HQ (though the only drinks were Red Bulls).

There are lots of photos of this! Many of them are ending up on – where else – Facebook.

Want to see what a brand new millionaire looks like?

Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes posted this 8-year-old picture of himself and his cofounder

Facebook M&A whiz Amin Zoufonoun made the Nasdaq bell-ringing photo his new profile cover

This Facebook employee's friends are PRETTY impressed with their buddy

Pure joy! It looks like a graduation photo, which it is, kind of.

Nostalgia! An early Facebook employee posted this picture of some very young-looking cofounders

This is Boz. He is a famous employee at Facebook. Boz likes to dance.

Zuckerberg posed for some pictures…

…a lot of them!

Here he is with Facebook's M&A boss, Vaughn Smith

…a long time employee…

…engineering leader Mike Schroepfer…

…CTO Bret Taylor

This is probably the coolest photo from the whole day. Want to know who's who?

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