Facebook Employee Explains How Sheryl Sandberg Taught Him To See The World In A Different Way

Josh Miller, current Facebook employee and founder of the conversation platform Branch, has written a passionate defence of the Nevada government in their case against Uber.

He urges people to stop blindly defending Uber, and consider the government’s point of view.

He explains that almost all new industries are under-regulated when they’re just starting out, and that it takes the government “to protect the well-being of society.”

Miller learned this type of measured consideration from his colleague at Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg.

During one particularly contentious product review with Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg, an argument ensued over strategy. “It was a quintessential corporate dilemma where the best decision for the product may not be the best decision for the company,” Miller writes.

He became increasingly frustrated and couldn’t understand why Sandberg wouldn’t see his side. Finally, she stopped him and explained, “We are all on the same team. We’re on your team, with the same goals. But our job is to cover bases that you may not be thinking about.”

“Sheryl is way too poised to ever drop a mic but, man, a mic drop would have been fitting,” says Miller.

He now preaches the belief that just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they’re dumb, bureaucratic, or misguided. He implores people to take the time to understand Nevada’s case against Uber, before immediately branding them as backward or dumb.

“We’re dealing with innovations that are changing the way our society works — in that respect, we’re all on the same team,” he says.

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