Macy's Officially Won Black Friday And Cyber Monday On Facebook This Year

It’s been a hot year for Facebook — the company bought the virtual reality company Oculus and the messaging app WhatsApp for a combined $US24 billion, and Instagram, which it bought for $US1 billion in 2012, is now valued at $US35 billion. But Facebook has also matured as a platform for brands to promote and sell their content: Retailers, in particular, have enjoyed Facebook’s referral system, especially leading up to the all-important holiday season.

Based on SimplyMeasured data charted for us by BI Intelligence, Amazon posted more than any other retailer on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year, with roughly 80 posts promoting some of the site’s biggest discounts. But the biggest winner on those important shopping days was Macy’s, which had its content liked, commented on, and shared more than 370,000 times on those days. That’s an impressive feat, considering Macy’s only has 14.7 million Facebook fans, compared to Amazon’s nearly 26 million fans on Facebook.

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