TV Meets Its Match — Half Of 18 To 24-Year-Olds Access Facebook During Primetime

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[STUDY] TV Is Already Losing To Facebook Among 18-24 Year Olds (Bloomberg) 
50% of television and computer users age 18-24 access Facebook during primetime hours on weeknights, according to a recent Nielsen study commissioned by Facebook. For comparison, four major television networks together attracted 37-43% of people in that young demographic. 

The findings justify Facebook’s plan to start selling TV-style commercials on its site. And while major TV networks still have a stronghold on older viewers, it’s a sign that younger generations are opting for entertainment elsewhere during TV’s most lucrative daypart. 

“[Advertisers] used to think of us [Facebook] as a niche part of their ad strategy, but this data establishes us as a really important piece of giving them reach,” said Fred Leach, Facebook’s head of measurement research. Read >

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iPhone Users Gravitate To Facebook, Share Parenting And Family Content Most Often (BI Intelligence)

Social media users are three times more likely to share content via their iPhone versus their desktop computer, and 1.5-times more likely to share on their iPhone versus all other mobile devices, according to a ShareThis study published July 22. Facebook is the leading social platform among the iPhone user base, accounting for 66% of total sharing on iPhones, according to the study, by ShareThis Chief Scientist Dr. Yan Qu. Read >

Facebook Users Can Now Embed Posts Across The Web (AllThingsD) 
Photos, status updates, posts with hashtags, and videos all are fair game to embed in pages outside of Facebook, across the Web. Read >

LinkedIn Upgrades Analytics For Company Pages (LinkedIn Blog) 
The new suite of tools available to admins includes total number of impressions, clicks, and interactions with each post. Further, admins can also see how their page compares to other firms in a similar industry. Read >

Facebook Users Get Creative With Photo-Reply Comments (TechCrunch)
Having launched photo comments on Page posts, Facebook has made it possible for users to communicate in a whole new way. Watch for a whole new wave of memes to originate from Facebook photos. Read >

1 Out Of 4 People Friend-Request On Facebook Before The First Date (Mashable)
A survey of 3,000 participants revealed that more than 26% of people think it’s acceptable to friend-request someone on Facebook before the first date. What’s more the survey also revealed that men are more eager to become “Facebook official” with their significant other than women are. Read >

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