Facebook Cofounder Eduardo Saverin Is Turning His Attention To Car Service Startups

Eduardo Saverin, most famous for cofounding Facebook before getting booted out by Mark Zuckerberg, now has his sights set on transportation startups.

On Tuesday a Texas-based startup called Silvercar announced it has raised a $US14 million Series B round led by Saverin and Velos Partners, the Wall Street Journal reported. Saverin will join Silvercar’s board as well.

“We’re seeing sweeping changes in how personal transportation is being packaged and consumed, and Silvercar is doing for car rental what Uber and Lyft did for livery,” Saverin said in a statement to Mashable. “In fact, like Uber, there’s so much potential beyond the first product. I believe that the most exciting things Silvercar will do are yet to come and will be borne out of their consumer-friendly mobile app and powerful technology platform.”

Unlike Uber and Lyft, which have been duking it out in price-gauging wars that have left some Uber drivers upset, Silvercar isn’t trying to make its rentals cheaper. Instead, Silvercar finances its own fleet of Audi A4s. It’s available at eight U.S. airports now, and will be in 10 by the end of the year, according to Techcrunch.

Saverin, who renounced his U.S. citizenship and moved to Singapore two years ago, also backed a peer-to-peer airport car rental service called FlightCar. He contributed to its $US13.5 million Series A round of fundraising earlier in September.

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