Scotch, Chocolate, Gourmet Food: Check Out The Over-The-Top Perks At This Facebook Cofounder's Startup

Dustin Moskovitz Asana

Photo: Julie Bort/Business Insider

Facebook cofounder Dustin Moskovitz and early Facebook employee Justin Rosenstein are flying high at their startup, Asana.The company is ready to move up. Literally. To the top floor of the historic Hamm’s Building in San Francisco’s Mission District.

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The move comes just four months after Asana announced the first commercial version of its project-management tool, a cloud-based service that aims to replace email.

Business Insider met up with Moskovitz and Rosenstein and got an update on how the company is doing and a peak at the new offices.

Asana has amassed tens of thousands of workgroups at different companies, with hundreds of them as paying customers, Rosenstein told us. Together, those users are working on 18 million tasks. (For groups under 30, Asana is free; larger groups require a paid monthly subscription.)

The company has grown 50 per cent in the past few months, from 22 employees to 33, even though the cofounders say they are the toughest interviewers in Silicon Valley.

Earlier this year, Asana raised $28 million lead by Facebook investor Peter Thiel, who also joined its board. Existing investors Benchmark Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, and Mitch Kapor also pitched in.

With the money, Asana is building out a cool new office. Business Insider took a tour of the space as it was undergoing construction. We also got to sample one employee perk: the wall of gourmet chocolate. This is topped (literally) by a wall of fine Scotch.

And then there’s the secret in the basement: Asana has a commercial kitchen staffed with two full-time chefs.

Moskovitz consults with rising star engineer Rachel Miller, another Facebook alum.

Miller worked on Facebook's Site Integrity team, the security/spam-fighters.

Rosenstein and his right-hand woman, Kim Snodgrass, check out the work of product designer Cesar Torres. Torres previously worked at Kevin Rose's startup Milk.

The bullpen in the current office is pretty crowded. Moskovitz works in here. Rosenstein is tucked against a window near a hallway.

The best part of the office is the wall of gourmet chocolate and Scotch whiskey, shown here by Kenny Van Zant. Asana doesn't use titles but he's the guru of all things to do with enterprise marketing and sales.

Asana's users sometimes write love notes. They've collected some and posted them on the entry wall.

Here's one example of what happy Asana users are writing.

Asana's current offices are pretty plain, but there are sparks of inspiration around, like this random sign.

Asana is in the historic Hamm's building. It used to be a brewery overlooking the old Seals Stadium. Here's a rendering of the building located in the lobby.

The famous Hamm's sign is not on the building today. The city is looking for it and wants to restore it if someone knows where it is.

Asana's current offices are in a corner of the first floor. The new offices will be the whole top floor. This isn't the penthouse suite, but they can use it, mostly for parties.

The old Hamm's Building isn't just a historic former brewery, but the only highrise in this part of San Francisco's Mission District, so the views are fabulous.

The views are also 180 degrees. Here's a look at one side.

This is the view from the other side.

You have to close your eyes and imagine this room. It's going to be a tent where the gourmet lunches are served.

Go down to the basement and you'll find a big surprise ...

A mongo commercial kitchen! Before it became a home for startups in the 1990s, the Hamm's building was originally rehabbed for food-service companies. Asana now has the lease on the kitchen and sublets part of it to a bagelmaker, chocolatier, and pasta maker. Employees get to taste the goodies every Friday.

Chef Donny Thompson stands in front of the old-but-functional wall of pizza ovens. He trained at the culinary program of the Art Institute in San Diego.

Asana's other cook, Kim Pak, preps for the next day's menu: duck demi-glace. YUM!

They cook lunch and healthy snacks daily and stock the walk-in refrigerator with organic veggies. The cooks often send the staff home with more food, too.

Asana isn't the only San Francisco startup with a wall of Scotch. Check out GitHub's wild offices:

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