DISLIKE: Facebook Should Have Trashed Its New Camera App And Stuck With Instagram

facebook camera front image

Facebook should have left this new app on the drawing board.

Just because you make an app with a smooth interface and quick speed doesn’t mean it will be awesome.

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The social giant launched its new iPhone and iPod touch app, “Facebook Camera” today. We’re not exactly crazy about it.

Sure the app looks great, everything is quick and smooth, but it still took longer than we expected to upload photos to the service. 

We also want to choose which photos come up in our stream, not be subjected to every single one of our Facebook friend’s photo uploads.

We just can’t help but compare this app to Instagram, and it’s pretty obvious Facebook was working on this copycat well before the $1 billion acquisition went through.

As we were browsing through our camera roll with Facebook’s app, we noticed that it had selected photos that we did not choose and almost uploaded them without our permission. This could be a bug but it was still a bit scary.

At the end of the day, you’re better off with the Instagram.

The app icon looks pretty cool, but what's underneath it? Tap to open.

This is the opening page. If you already have the Facebook app installed you won't have to sign in.

The ever-popular location pop up.

If you choose not to allow Facebook Camera to use your location, it'll nudge you with this message.

Here is the stream. This shows the last photo that was posted to your profile.

The app has access to your camera roll, allowing you to upload multiple photos at once. You know a photo is selected if it is checked green.

Here is what it looks like to actually take a picture.

Here is an example of the filters. The app also allows you to crop and add a filter. You can queue up photos to be uploaded and can see which ones are selected by tapping the blue icon in the bottom right corner.

Here's the stream. You can see the last few photos you took at the top and can scroll from left to right to see all of the photos you want to upload.

Now, have you considered how secure your Facebook profile is?

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