Facebook bought a small German startup that can add and remove objects in videos

Mark Zuckerberg AR F8GettyFacebook has plans to augment the physical world with virtual objects.

Facebook has acquired Fayteq, a small German startup behind software that can add or remove objects from videos.

A Facebook representative confirmed the acquisition when contacted by Business Insider on Friday, but declined to discuss the terms of the deal. Roughly 10 employees work at Fayteq, according to LinkedIn. Deutsche Startups first reported the news.

Fayteq sold a software plugin for video editors like Adobe After Effects that could track objects in a video and manipulate or remove them at will. Such technology has plenty of potential applications for Facebook’s video and augmented reality efforts.

Fayteq is Facebook’s third confirmed acquisition in recent weeks. The social network recently picked up the content rights company Source3 and Ozlo, an AI chat-bot startup.

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