Facebook Australia’s managing director has quit

Photo: Vincent Isore/ IP3/ Getty Images.

The managing director of Facebook Australia and New Zealand, Stephen Scheeler, has resigned.

Scheeler left the social media platform last week for ­reasons that still remain unknown, having taken on the role in August 2015, having joined the company in May 2013.

Photo: Stephen Scheeler/ LinkedIn.

A spokesperson for Facebook confirmed with Business Insider that Scheeler had quit, but did provide any more details on the matter.

“We confirm that Stephen Scheeler is no longer with the company,” spokesperson said.

Before joining Facebook, Scheeler was the MD for management consulting firm 10EQS.

It follows reports that local video streaming numbers may have been “inflated”, which led media metrics firm Nielsen to clarify that the “trend break” was the result of technical changes to it analytics that lasted for 12 months before an upgrade in October last year.

“It is unrelated to Facebook’s internal or self-reported metrics,” Nielsen said.

“The issue was limited to stream metrics in Nielsen’s Hybrid Streaming solution and did not impact any other market-facing Facebook numbers reported by Nielsen.”

The saga led media agencies to reduce ad spend on the platform by as much as 32.4% in the last quarter of fiscal 2016, according to The Australian.

And in the US, Facebook made a series of concessions about it audience numbers and interactions.

In December, Facebook in the US confirmed that it had been miscalculating its viewership metrics for advertisers.

That was the third time Facebook has admitted to misleading advertisers since September, when it was revealed that it had been inflating a key video-viewing metric for years.

This weekend the social media platform agreed to be independently audited.

“We are committing to an audit by the Media Rating Council (MRC) to verify the accuracy of the information we deliver to our partners,” the company said.

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*This article has been updated and amended for clarity since it was first published.