REPORT: Facebook Is Working On A New Plan To Invade Your Workplace

Girl using computerWikimedia CommonsA woman using Facebook

If Facebook is already eating up all of your time at home, it looks like the social network wants to creep into your workplace, too.

The company is reportedly working on a version of its social network optimised for professional use, according to TechCrunch’s Ingrid Lunden, who claims to have spoken with a source inside Facebook.

It’s unclear whether or not the effort would be a chat system tailored for communication within the office, or if it would be Facebook’s own version of a professional networking tool along the lines of LinkedIn.

TechCrunch reports the project is currently being called “Facebook At Work,” and it’s headquartered in London.

Based on the source’s description, it sounds as if Facebook At Work could be a cleaner, stripped-down version of Facebook made to be less distracting and ideal for the workplace.

This is based on pure speculation, however, so we won’t know for sure unless Facebook makes an announcement.

Here’s what the source reportedly told Lunden:

We are making work more fun and efficient by building an at-work version of Facebook. We will touch code throughout the stack and on all platforms (web, iOS, Android, etc.).

Facebook has reportedly been talking about creating an enterprise version of its social network for the past three or four years, one source told TechCrunch, so it’s unclear if we’ll actually see it launch anytime soon.

Facebook is already one of the biggest communication tools on the planet, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see the company utilise its massive network of more than one billion users for enterprise purposes, too.

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