Facebook Finally Unveils A Way To Spend Your Entire Workday On Facebook

Facebook @ workFacebookFacebook at Work

Facebook has introduced a new product that allows companies to create their own customised version of Facebook.

The product is called Facebook at Work and it has begun rolling out in select offices across the world along with complementary iOS and Android apps called “Work.”

A desktop version of the new service is also available and can be accessed via a user’s main Facebook account.

Facebook at Work will mirror regular Facebook in terms of appearance and functionality. It will have profiles, a newsfeed, events hub, messaging, and groups, which the company hopes will eventually replace email, according to The Next Web.

But the app does vary from traditional Facebook in a few ways: Facebook at Work will not serve ads or track your data. It will remain a private, closed ecosystem only accessible to those inside a company.

Current beta testers are using the service for free, but it’s likely that Facebook will eventually charge a subscription fee.

With the app’s launch, Facebook is clearly trying to position itself against alternative methods of work communication such as Slack and Yammer.

Facebook @work 2FacbeookFacebook at Work mirrors ‘regular’ Facebook in many ways

Slack has experienced skyrocketing growth since its launch barely a year ago.

Facebook is competitive in the space, however, largely due to its familiar interface. Navigating Facebook has become second nature for most people in corporate environments and the company currently boasts 864 million daily active users.

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