The most recent Facebook app update is crashing some iPhones

The most recent Facebook app update, released on October 20, is crashing some iPhones, causing them to reboot and get stuck at the Apple logo.

It seems to happen when the new version of the Facebook app is being downloaded by users, not when the app is being used. 

When the crash happens to an iPhone, it requires the phone to be restored from iTunes before it can be used again. Plug your device into a Mac or PC with iTunes through a USB cable, and follow the steps. 

The fix is fairly easy and straightforward, although the restore could potentially cause you to lose pictures and other data if you haven’t backed up your phone.

We first heard about the issue from a Genius working an at Apple Store, who said that he had seen a lot of people come in with the issue last week. After he checked with five different Apple Stores, who were also seeing the issue, he found that the common denominator was that the incidents all occurred when the users were updating Facebook.

There are several threads on the Apple support forums, and a handful tweets about the issue as well. The issue has affected iPhone SE and iPhone 6S users.  

Last Thursday, the issue affected a BI staffer, who said he was ultimately able to get his iPhone 6S working again by plugging it into his computer and restoring from iTunes

Apple and Facebook did not respond to a request for more information. 


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