Facebook's Plan To Clobber The App Store Will Fail

mark zuckerberg waving

Photo: AP

Facebook is working on a big plan to usurp Apple and Google’s domination of the mobile application world.Its plan is to create a platform for apps users can access on mobile web-browsers. This way Facebook controls its platform, and gets a cut of digital goods on mobile just like it does on desktop web-browsers.

But the problem for Facebook is that it’s super easy to use Apple’s App Store. Unless Facebook can provide some truly compelling reason to go through the trouble of using its web-based app store, we don’t see it attracting a mass of users.

Before we go any further, we will say the obvious: We haven’t seen it, and we could be totally wrong here. We’re operating on a snap-reaction basis.

But think about it: Would you log into Facebook’s mobile app, and then use a pull down menu of applications? Or would you just download an app from the App Store, keep it on your home screen and pop it open when you need it?

The only way it makes sense to us is if Facebook can make its app store work by making it a seamless experience from the desktop to mobile. So, if you start using a Facebook-based app on your computer, you can continue on the mobile web.

Still, app makers can build that sort of functionality into their own iOS-native apps. Why give more power to Facebook?

What are we missing with this one? Let us know in the comments.

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